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How our customers rate our business

The feedback from guests is the most important element in operating a property management business anywhere. The statistics below are a 100% , up to date representation of surveys from our guests since November 2012 and reflect the good, the bad and of course the opinions of those in between. We the owners of Innokenti are pleased to be able to present this ever changing information to you for the betterment of your accommodation booking decision.

Property Survey

Would you stay the in the same property again?:9.7/10

Our average cleanliness on arrival rating:9.9/10

Was our clients expectations met:9.8/10

Was the property value For Money:9.2/10

How did our clients rate the Booking Process:8.8/10

Our Consultants Knowledge of the properties:8.3/10

Would Recommend us to your friends?:9.1/10

How does our accommodation make your stay in the area memorable and comfortable?

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